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The name of your blog

The name of your blog


project name
project detailed description
link name
link detailed description
book name
Detailed description of the book
article name
Detailed description of the article
friend name
Detailed description of friend
custom item
custom item
Detailed description of this custom item
GFM alert

The theme adds GFM alerts support.

Mr.HopeLess than 1 minuteMarkdownalertMarkdown
Hint box

The theme adds tip, note, info, warning, danger and detail hint box.

Mr.HopeLess than 1 minuteMarkdownhintboxMarkdown

You can easily insert components in Markdown content with component code block.

Mr.HopeLess than 1 minuteMarkdownComponentMarkdown
Client Config file

You can create .vuepress/client.ts as a client config file to customize your site.

Mr.HopeLess than 1 minuteAdvancedAdvancedClient Config
Customize color

This page guides you how to customize theme colors.

Mr.HopeLess than 1 minuteCookbookCustomizeCustomize
Using Components

This tutorial will guide you on how to use Vue components and Vue syntax in your VuePress project.

Mr.HopeAbout 1 minCookbookCustomizeComponentsCustomize

This is a blog home page demo.

To use this layout, you should set both layout: BlogHome and home: true in the page front matter.

For related configuration docs, please see blog homepageopen in new window.