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About VuePress

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VuePress is a markdown-centered static site generator. You can write your content (documentations, blogs, etc.) in Markdownopen in new window, then VuePress will help you to generate a static site to host them.

How It Works

A VuePress site is in fact a single-page application (SPA) powered by Vueopen in new window and Vue Routeropen in new window.

Routes are generated according to the relative path of your Markdown files. Each Markdown file is compiled into HTML with markdown-itopen in new window and then processed as the template of a Vue component. This allows you to directly use Vue inside your Markdown files and is great when you need to embed dynamic content.

  • During development, we start a normal dev-server, and serve the VuePress site as a normal SPA. If you've used Vue before, you will notice the familiar development experience when you are writing and developing with VuePress.

  • During build, we create a server-rendered version of the VuePress site and render the corresponding HTML by virtually visiting each route.

VuePress Intro

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