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About 2 minFAQ

Frequency asked questions and corresponding solutions using the theme are included here.


Contact Us

Before contacting us, please make sure to check your project according to Troubleshooting.

Report a Problem

If you are sure there is an issue somewhere, please open an issueopen in new window on GitHub and point out the specifics of the issue.

If necessary, provide a minimal reproduction Repo[1] link.

Getting Help

Theme and Plugins in repo only

  • If you have questions about learning and using Vue, TypeScript, Sass, or you don't know how to write what you want, you may want to ask questions on the Vue forums, Stack Overflow, etc.

  • If you have questions about VuePress, please open a new discussionopen in new window in VuePress repo, as a member of the VuePress team, Mr.Hope will try to answer in his spare time.

Please only start discussions about the VuePress Theme Hope and plugins written by Mr.Hope in theme repository.

  • If you ran into some issues, please open a discussionopen in new window on GitHub with:

    • full log running vuepress dev [docs-dir] --debug
    • error screenshot in browser console (if there are errors)
    • if your problem is related to display, please also provide related screenshots.
  • If there is something you don't know how to solve, welcome to open a discussionopen in new window. Questions are always welcome, no matter they are simple or not. You only need to make sure three points:

    1. You have tried searching related docs through search box.

    2. You are providing a detailed description in the discussion.

      • If you don't know how to configure something, please describe what you want, and what you search or what section are you expecting to see the guidelines (so that we can improve our docs).
    3. You are not asking question unrelated to VuePress or asking for a "technical support".

      For customization, we only support "how can you customize something (in which way)". "How to customize something" (what you should write in your own codes) is NOT SUPPORTED. Unless you are donating this project, please do not insist asking help for that part.

      Mr.Hope is a postgraduate student majored in theoretical physics, and really busy. He is not expecting to "be a doc provider" or "teach you how to write code".

Social Group

  1. The basic idea of a minimal reproduction is to use the least amount of both code and config to trigger missing or wrong behavior. Having a minimal reproduction makes it easier for the developers to see where the bug or missing feature is, and to verify that the new code satisfies requirements. ↩︎