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VuePress Theme Hope is a VuePress theme containing tons of features.

It is designed to be a powerful and extensible theme with a lot of theme plugins built-in.

To begin with, you should already have a basic understanding of:


A project with plugins and powerful theme

Although vuepress-theme-hope/vuepress-theme-hopeopen in new window itself marked as a theme repository, it also contains more than a dozen equally complete and powerful plugin. Each plugin is also powerful, can be used with the default theme or third-party themes.

Based on such a dozen plugins, Mr.Hope can confidently say that vuepress-theme-hope is "A powerful theme with tons of features". It can also be seen as the most versatile and comprehensive theme among all VuePress themes.

Asking for Help

If you meet a bug while using, you can open an issueopen in new window. If you meet problems, you can create a discussionopen in new window or ask in our telegram groupopen in new window.