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This tutorial will guide you through creating a VuePress Theme Hope project.

1. Choose an Appropriate Location

To avoid accidentally triggering some strange problems that you cannot solve by yourself, please try to avoid using file paths that contain CJK characters, emoji or spaces (e.g. C:\Users\毛泽东\Desktop\VuePress Project\Hope theme ❤️\).

It is recommended to use plain English paths (e.g. D:\projects\vuepress-theme-hope\).

2. Create Project template

Open a terminal in the chosen folder.

Opening terminal on Windows

Please use file explorer to open that folder, then enter cmd in the address bar above and press Enter.

Execute one of the following command in terminal:

pnpm create vuepress-theme-hope my-docs

Folder Argument

Here my-docs is an argument representing the folder name of the VuePress Theme Hope project. In this tutorial, we will generate the project to the my-docs folder in the current directory.

You can change this parameter to use a new folder if you want.

Dev Server

If you choose to start the development server after the template is initialized, you can enter localhost:8080/ in the browser address bar to access the development server after the dev server starts.