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Customize Layouts

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This tutorial guides you how to customize theme layout.

With Theme Options

The theme provides many layout-related options for you to customize the layout of the theme. For details about these options, see Theme Configuration → Layout.

Responsive BreakPoints

The theme will automatically apply responsive layouts under different screen widths. If you need to modify these breakpoints, you can modify them in the config file.

// .vuepress/styles/config.scss

// Modify the breakpoint of the desktop layout
$pc = 1280px;

For details about the config file .vuepress/styles/config.scss and the breakpoint variables $pc, $laptop, $pad, $tablet, $mobile, see Theme Configuration → Styles.

Layout Size

The theme provides common size variables in the palette file, and you can modify these variables in the palette file to achieve the purpose of modifying the layout size.

// .vuepress/styles/palette.scss

// Modify the height of the navigation bar
$navbar-height = 80px;

The palette file .vuepress/styles/palette.scss and the introduction of layout variables can be found at Theme Configuration → Style.

Via Style File

  • If you are not satisfied with the style of the theme, you can adjust the style of the theme components through the style file.


    In order to override the original style, you need to use the same or higher priority selector or use !important directly.

  • If you want to remove some features, you can hide related dom elements by display: none in the style file.


The style file is .vuepress/styles/index.scss in the project directory, see Theme Configuration → Style for details

Adding / Overriding Layouts

You can add new layouts or override existing layouts via layouts option in client config file.

// .vuepress/client.ts
import { defineClientConfig } from "@vuepress/client";
import Changelog from "./layouts/Changelog.vue";
import Layout from "./layouts/Layout.vue";

export default defineClientConfig({
  // You can override or add layouts here
  layouts: {
    // For example, here we change the default layout of vuepress-theme-hope to layouts/Layout.vue
    // Also we added a Changelog layout

The theme provides the following layouts:

  • Layout

    Basic layout, having the following slots:

    • default: Page content slot
    • top: Page top slot
    • bottom: Page bottom slot
    • contentBefore: Slot before page content
    • contentAfter: Slot after page content
    • tocBefore: Slot before page TOC
    • tocAfter: Slot after page TOC
  • NotFound

    404 page layout, having the following slots:

    • default: 404 content slot
  • Slide (Only available when reveal.js is enabled)

  • BlogCategory (Only available when blog is enabled)

  • BlogHome (Only available when blog is enabled)

  • BlogType (Only available when blog is enabled)

  • Timeline (Only available when blog is enabled)

By Overriding Components

See Replace theme components .