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Runtime Setup

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This tutorial will guide you on how to set up a VuePress runtime environment.


You need an editor to edit your project, and we recommend using VSCode to write and run your VuePress projects.

  1. Click the blue button on the left of Download pageopen in new window to download.

  2. Double-click the installation package to open

  3. Agree to the User Agreement.

  4. In the installation options, be sure to select all the following options:

    Tick Add to directory context menu, Add to file context menu, Register code as a supported file editor, Add to path.

  5. After the initial startup of VS Code, if Git is not installed in advance, it may prompt that the Git software is not found, just ignore it.


You need to download and install the latest long-term maintenance release.

  1. Click the green button (LTS) on the left of Download pageopen in new window.
  2. Run the installer, keep all the default settings and go all the way from next step to finish.


If you are a real novice, please do not change the default installation directory.

Node.js itself will only take up a few dozen megabytes of space!


After you install Node.js, please install pnpmopen in new window as package manager by entering the following command in the terminal:

corepack enable
corepack prepare pnpm@latest --activate


We recommend you to choose pnpm as package manager, because VuePress and VuePress Theme Hope both use pnpm to manage dependencies.

Some features of pnpm ensure that you have the correct dependencies, also it can speed up your installation.