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Article List

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The topic provides you with a list of all articles under the path /article/ by default.


All articles will be added to the article list by default and rendered under the path /article/.

Article list
Article list

If you don't want the list to contain some specific articles, just set the article to false in the frontmatter of the article, or you may customize it through in theme options.

To sticky a specific article in the article list, just set sticky to true in the frontmatter of the article.


For sticky articles, you can set sticky with a number to set their order. Articles with large numbers will be listed first.


Adding Excerpt

If you want to add an excerpt for an article, you can mark contents with <!-- more --> comment. Any content before this comment will be considered as an excerpt.

Meanwhile, if the excerpt you want to set is not what you want to show at the beginning of the article, you can also set the HTML string through the excerpt option in Frontmatter.

Automatically Generate Excerpt

By default, the theme extract article excerpts for you automatically.

If you want the theme only display excerpt which you specify, set 0 in theme options.

Excerpt Limitation

We recommend you to use <!-- more --> to mark excerpt as first choice. If you do need a special excerpt, set it in frontmatter yourself.

In addition, excerpt is directly inserted into the DOM through innerHTML, this means that no Vue features are available.

Star Articles

You can star an article by setting star to true in frontmatter. After staring, users can view these articles on the /star/ page.

At the same time, any star articles will be displayed in the article column on the sidebar of the blog homepage.


Our consideration for providing star options: Theme users may want to show visitors some high-quality articles, but do not want sticky articles to flood the homepage, resulting in visitors not being able to see the recently updated articles.


Similar to sticky articles, you can also set star to number to set their order. Articles with large numbers will be listed first.

Other types of articles Advanced

The theme provides separate lists for additional article type.

To add additional article type, you should set in theme options with an array of objects describing type you want.

Each type should have a unique key (without special characters), and a filter function to determine whether a page should be the type. The filter function should accept page object and return a boolean value.

To sort pages in the type list, you can also set a sorter function. The sorter function should accept two page objects and return a number.

By default, the type list path will be /key/ (with key replaced by your actual key). You can also set a custom path by setting path in options.

frontmatter option controls the frontmatter of the layout page, with is a function accepting localePath and returning a frontmatter object. This option is useful when setting the title of the layout page.


layout is the layout name, by default it will be BlogType, a layout vuepress-theme-hope registered. ONLY IF you build a custom layout for the type list, shall you set this option to your layout value.

Also, you need to set blogLocales[key] in theme locales with the actual type name, so that the theme can display the type name correctly.

To get start with, we would like to show you some examples.

  1. Adding a type of slide pages.

    All slide pages should have layout: Slide in frontmatter. And the sequence doesn't matter.

  2. Adding an original type.

You shall set the following options:

import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
// you may need to install vuepress-shared to use its `compareDate`
import { compareDate } from "vuepress-shared/node";
import { hopeTheme } from "vuepress-theme-hope";

export default defineUserConfig({
  // other config
  // ...

  theme: hopeTheme({
    blogLocales: {
      slide: "Slides",
      original: "Original",

    plugins: {
      blog: {
        type: [
            key: "slide",
            filter: (page) => page.frontmatter.layout === "Slide",
            frontmatter: () => ({ title: "Slides" }),
            key: "original",
            filter: (page) => page.frontmatter.original,
            sorter: (pageA, pageB) =>
              compareDate( -,
            frontmatter: () => ({ title: "Original" }),