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vuepress-theme-hope can display article information for you.


Page information display is enabled globally by default, while supports page config. You can disable it by setting pageInfo: false in frontmatter of a specific page.

To keep it globally disabled, please set pageInfo to false in the plugin options. Then you can set pageInfo in frontmatter of a specific page to enable it locally.

Parameters Support page config

pageInfo accepts an array of strings by default, filling in a group of items. The order of filling is the order in which the items are displayed.

The optional values and corresponding contents of the entry are as follows:

EntryCorresponding contentpage frontmatter valueTheme Options
"Date"Writing DatetimeN/A
"Original"Whether is originalisOriginalN/A
"ReadingTime"Estimated reading timeN/A (automatically generated)N/A
"Word"Word countN/A (automatically generated)N/A
"PageView"Pageviewspageview (only available in Waline)plugins.comment.pageview

By default, it will display "Author, Visit Number, Writing Date, Category, Tags, Expect Reading Time".

author Support page config


author: Mr.Hope

You can configure author in the plugin options to set the default author. And you can also configure author in frontmatter with a new value in the page to override the default author, or set it to false to cancel the author display.

Authors support string[], string, AuthorInfo and AuthorInfo[].

The format of AuthorInfo is as follows:

interface AuthorInfo {
   * Author name
  name: string;

   * Author website
  url?: string;

   * Author email
  email?: string;

Writing Date

We recommend filling it with a standard date format. A standard format is in the form of xxxx-xx-xx, such as "April 1, 2020" should be written as 2020-04-01.


date: 2020-01-01


When running in a Git-based project, the writing date will fall back to first commit date of current file.

Category and Tags

See blog section for details

Reading Time

The default statistic method is 300 words per minute. You can override it by setting plugins.readingTime.wordPerMinute in theme options. This option does not support individual configuration on the page.

View Count Support page config

When using Waline as Comment Service, this function is enabled by default.


pageview: false