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The theme adds built-in support for vuepress-plugin-search-pro, @vuepress/plugin-docsearchopen in new window and @vuepress/plugin-searchopen in new window. Just install the plugin you want and config it, you will get a search box in navbar.

To use search plugin, you need to apply it via plugins in the VuePress config file.


The theme is just adding support for the above plugins, it does not bundle them. You need to install and apply them yourself.


DO NOT use in theme options.

The theme can ONLY apply plugins it bundles, so plugins field in theme options ONLY accepts CERTAIN plugin name.

Use vuepress-plugin-search-pro

  1. Install vuepress-plugin-search-pro

    pnpm add -D vuepress-plugin-search-pro
  2. Import searchProPlugin from vuepress-plugin-search-pro and apply it in plugins under config.{ts,js}.

    // .vuepress/config.ts
    import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
    import { searchProPlugin } from "vuepress-plugin-search-pro";
    export default defineUserConfig({
      plugins: [
          // index all contents
          indexContent: true,
          // add supports for category and tags
          customFields: [
              getter: (page) => page.frontmatter.category,
              formatter: "Category: $content",
              getter: (page) => page.frontmatter.tag,
              formatter: "Tag: $content",


See Plugin Docs for available options.

Use @vuepress/plugin-docsearch

  1. You need to submit the URL of your siteopen in new window to join the DocSearch program.

    The DocSearch team will send apiKey and indexName to your email once the index is generated. Then you can configure this plugin to enable DocSearch in VuePress.

    Alternatively, you can run your own crawleropen in new window to generate the index, and then use your own appId, apiKey and indexName to configure this plugin.

  2. Set up the Algolia Crawler correctly according to the following requirements. You should go to Algolia Crawleropen in new window to update your crawler config.

    Setting Crawler Config

    Here are config options and descriptions:

    new Crawler({
      appId: "YOUR_APP_ID",
      apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY",
      rateLimit: 8,
      startUrls: [
        // These are urls which algolia start to craw
        // If your site is divided in to multiple parts,
        // you may want to set multiple entry links
      sitemaps: [
        // if you are using sitemap plugins (e.g.: vuepress-plugin-sitemap2), you may provide one
      ignoreCanonicalTo: false,
      exclusionPatterns: [
        // You can use this to stop algolia crawling some paths
      discoveryPatterns: [
        // These are urls which algolia looking for,
      // Crawler schedule, set it according to your docs update frequency
      schedule: "at 02:00 every 1 day",
      actions: [
        // you may have multiple actions, especially when you are deploying multiple docs under one domain
          // name the index with name you like
          indexName: "YOUR_INDEX_NAME",
          // paths where the index take effect
          pathsToMatch: ["https://YOUR_WEBSITE_URL/**"],
          // controls how algolia extracts records from your site
          recordExtractor: ({ $, helpers }) => {
            // The following are the default options for vuepress-theme-hope
            // vuepress-theme-hope default container class name is theme-hope-content
            return helpers.docsearch({
              recordProps: {
                lvl0: {
                  selectors: "",
                  defaultValue: "Documentation",
                lvl1: ".theme-hope-content h1",
                lvl2: ".theme-hope-content h2",
                lvl3: ".theme-hope-content h3",
                lvl4: ".theme-hope-content h4",
                lvl5: ".theme-hope-content h5",
                lvl6: ".theme-hope-content h6",
                content: ".theme-hope-content p, .theme-hope-content li",
              indexHeadings: true,
      initialIndexSettings: {
        // controls how index are initialized
        // only has effects before index are initialize
        // you may need to delete your index and recraw after modification
        YOUR_INDEX_NAME: {
          attributesForFaceting: ["type", "lang"],
          attributesToRetrieve: ["hierarchy", "content", "anchor", "url"],
          attributesToHighlight: ["hierarchy", "hierarchy_camel", "content"],
          attributesToSnippet: ["content:10"],
          camelCaseAttributes: ["hierarchy", "hierarchy_radio", "content"],
          searchableAttributes: [
          distinct: true,
          attributeForDistinct: "url",
          customRanking: [
          ranking: [
            '<span class="algolia-docsearch-suggestion--highlight">',
          highlightPostTag: "</span>",
          minWordSizefor1Typo: 3,
          minWordSizefor2Typos: 7,
          allowTyposOnNumericTokens: false,
          minProximity: 1,
          ignorePlurals: true,
          advancedSyntax: true,
          attributeCriteriaComputedByMinProximity: true,
          removeWordsIfNoResults: "allOptional",




    initialIndexSettings.YOUR_INDEX_NAME.attributesForFaceting field must contain "lang", otherwise the plugin will not work properly.

  3. Install @vuepress/plugin-docsearch

    pnpm add -D @vuepress/plugin-docsearch@next
  4. Import docsearchPlugin from @vuepress/plugin-docsearch and apply it in plugins under config.{ts,js}.

    // .vuepress/config.ts
    import { docsearchPlugin } from "@vuepress/plugin-docsearch";
    import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
    export default defineUserConfig({
      plugins: [
          // your options
          // appId, apiKey and indexName are required


See Plugin Docsopen in new window for how to use docsearch plugin and its available options.

  1. Install @vuepress/plugin-search

    pnpm add -D @vuepress/plugin-search@next
  2. Import searchPlugin from @vuepress/plugin-search and apply it in plugins under config.{ts,js}.

    // .vuepress/config.ts
    import { searchPlugin } from "@vuepress/plugin-search";
    import { defineUserConfig } from "vuepress";
    export default defineUserConfig({
      plugins: [
          // your options


See Plugin Docsopen in new window for available options.