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Path Navigation

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The theme adds Breadcrumb support, you can configure it using breadcrumb in page frontmatter and theme options Support page config [1], the default value is true.

Without any config, a Breadcrumb that matches the theme color is displayed at the top of the page content to help the reader understand the document structure.

You can also control the icon display of the path navigation using breadcrumbIcon field Support page config, the default value is true.

  1. Page config support

    Support local configurationSupport page config means that the theme allows the configuration of the page to override the global configuration.


    Take path navigation as an example:

    This feature is enabled globally by default, that is, breadcrumb in theme options is true by default, and you can set breadcrumb: false in the Front Matter of a specific page to disable it locally.

    Of course, you can also set the breadcrumb: false in theme options to disable it globally, and set breadcrumb: true in the Front Matter of a specific page to enable it locally.