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Style Migration Guide

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Preprocessor Changes

The entire style system was migrated from Stylus to Scss, which brought the following changes:

  • palette.styl split into config.scss and palette.scss
  • index.styl changed to index.scss

Style Changes

Responsive Layout Breakpoints

Move to config.scss.

  • $MQWide renamed to $pc
  • $MQNormal renamed to $laptop
  • $MQNarrow renamed to $pad
  • $MQMobile renamed to $tablet
  • $MQMobileNarrow renamed to $mobile


Move to palette.scss.

  • $mobileSidebarWidth renamed to $sidebar-mobile-width
  • $lineNumbersWrapperWidth renamed to $line-numbers-width


Move to palette.scss.

  • Add $bg-color-secondary,$bg-color-tertiary

  • $accentColor renamed to $theme-color

  • $textColor, $darkTextColor merged into $text-color

  • $bgColor, $darkBgColor merged into $bg-color

  • $bgColorLight, $darkBgColorLight removed

  • $bgColorBlur, darkBgColorBlur removed

  • $cardShadowColor, $darkCardShadowColor merged into $card-shadow

  • $boxShadowColor, $darkBoxShadowColor merged into $box-shadow

  • $arrowBgColor removed

  • $colorPicker removed

    Now you just need to set the theme color in theme options

  • $codeBgColor, $darkCodeBgColor removed, please set plugins.prismjs (prismjs) in theme options, or configure $code-bg-color (shiki) in config.scss.


  • Add $font-family, $font-family-heading and $font-family-mono


  • Added $color-transition and $transform-transition