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Theme Plugins

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vuepress-theme-hope bundles many VuePress plugins.

  • Some plugins are automatically enabled, you can disable them in theme options if you don't need them.
  • Some plugins are only enabled when you provide necessary options.


As a member of VuePress Orgopen in new window, Mr. Hope has developed many VuePress plugins.

All plugins called by vuepress-theme-hope are official plugins or plugins developed by Mr. Hope which hosted under the vuepress-theme-hope repository.

Plugin Options

The theme provides plugins option to pass options to plugins.

Plugin Options Name

All key names in plugins option are the camelCase version of the plugin name, with the optional number 2 suffix removed.

For example:

  • vuepress-plugin-copy-code2 is controlled by key name copyCode.
  • vuepress-plugin-md-enhance2 is controlled by key name mdEnhance.

Plugin List

Plugins provided by Mr.Hope


Here are some other plugins that are not bundled by the theme, you can enable them according to your own needs.

Official plugin