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Theme Appearance Options

About 1 minConfigTheme ConfigAppearance

The following options control the appearance of the theme. You don't need to pay attention to them in most cases, they are only provided for a small amount of users with needs.


These options are only valid when setting directly under the theme options, setting them in each language as no effect.

iconAssets Root only

  • Type: FontIconAssets

    type Link =
      | `/${string}`
      | `//${string}`
      | `http://${string}`
      | `https://${string}`;
    type BuiltInFontIcon =
      | "iconify"
      | "iconfont"
      | "fontawesome"
      | "fontawesome-with-brands";
    type FontIconAssets = BuiltInFontIcon | Link | (BuiltInFontIcon | Link)[];
  • Required: No

  • Details: Interface → Icon

Link of font icon asset, 'iconfont' and 'fontawesome' keywords are supported.

darkmode Enabled by default Root only

Dark mode support options:

  • "switch": switch between dark, light and auto
  • "toggle": toggle between lightmode and darkmode
  • "auto": Automatically decide whether to apply dark mode based on user device's color-scheme or current time
  • "enable": only dark mode
  • "disable": disable dark mode


If you don't need this feature, set darkmode: "disable" to disable it.

fullscreen Root only

Whether show the "full screen" button.

backToTop Root only

  • Type: BackToTopOptions | boolean

    interface BackToTopOptions {
       * Scroll threshold distance to display back to top button (in pixels)
       * @default 100
      threshold?: number;
       * Whether display scroll progress
       * @default true
      progress?: boolean;
  • Default: true

  • Details: Interface → Back to top button

Back to top button customization, setting it to false disables the button.

pure Root only

Whether enable pure mode.


Enabling this will disable some of the fancy styles.

Useful when you want to provide "A pure document site".

print Root only

  • Type: boolean
  • Default: true

Whether display print icon in desktop mode.

iconPrefix Root only

Prefix of icon FontClass, usually, it can be automatically set by the theme.