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If you are a programmer, you may want your users to be able to copy the code you show in the text with one click.

For this, vuepress-theme-hope use @vuepress/plugin-copy-codeopen in new window to provide a copy button on code blocks.


vuepress-theme-hope passes plugins.copyCode in theme options as plugin options to @vuepress/plugin-copy-code.


After enabling, this plugin will automatically add a copy button to the top right corner of each code block.

By default, the button is only displayed on desktop mode. To display this button on mobile devices, set plugins.copyCode.showInMobile to true in theme options.

After user press the copy button, a success hint will display on the screen. The default hint duration is 2000 ms, to change the duration, please set plugins.copyCode.duration in theme options. To disable the hint, set duration to 0.


import { hopeTheme } from "vuepress-theme-hope";

export default {
  theme: hopeTheme({
    plugins: {
      copyCode: {},